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About the Name

three-layered meaning

#1: vida beverly

Vida stems from our founder, Lance Beverly, desiring to pay homage to his late grandmother, Vida Beverly. Along with his father, Vida served as a stabilizing figure in Lance's life, thereby giving him a chance to succeed. Moreover, she is someone who demonstrated a ceaseless work ethic, the importance of sacrifice, and how giving to others, without the expectation of reciprocation, is the way to make the world a better place. Without Vida, which is pronounced "Vye-da", VIDAL would not exist.

#2: Alabama

By adding the letter 'L' to the end of Vida, we arrive at VIDAL. The 'AL' at the end of the name is representative of Alabama, which is where our founder is from and where our work was established. No matter which states we may eventually scale to, VIDAL will forever represent our sweet home. 

#3: vital work

Given VIDAL's pronunciation, we enjoyed the wordplay potential between VIDAL and "vital". Needless to say, we view our work as being supremely vital to young people, their respective families, and the state of Alabama as a whole. As such, we aimed to reflect that in our name and overall brand.   

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