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In October 2019, VIDAL partnered with Commonpoint Queens, a 501(c)(3) community-based organization in New York City, to provide remote college counseling services to a cohort of 20 seniors and 20 juniors from Forest Hills High School in NYC. Over the 2019-20 academic year, these 20 low-income seniors went on to earn nearly $7 million in scholarships and institutional grants, with acceptances to schools like Johns Hopkins, Barnard College, Cooper Union, NYU, the University of Rochester, Boston University, Northeastern, and American University

In August 2020, VIDAL partnered with Birmingham City Schools to serve Ramsay High School, Woodlawn High School, and Carver High School. Due to the pandemic, most services were provided virtually, via Zoom, in one-on-one and group sessions; however, VIDAL provided in-person support for FAFSA workshops in both the fall and spring of AY 2020-21. 

In Summer/Fall 2021, VIDAL solidified partnerships with John Carroll Catholic High School, Magic City Acceptance Academy, and Coosa Valley Academy to provide in-school college consulting support. Due to the pandemic, this marked the first true year that VIDAL Access was able to embrace and demonstrate its model in Birmingham. In addition, VIDAL provided virtual support to "at-large" students—that is, students attending Greater Birmingham high schools that were not formally partnered with VIDAL. In the spring of 2022, VIDAL Access went on to partner with Lee High School in Montgomery, Alabama, to provide 10 days of programming consisting of FAFSA completion support and a college admissions boot camp for juniors.

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